Sunday, December 11, 2011

World Of Warcraft: Starter Edition

World of Warcraft: Starter Edition

        So I recently began playing the World of Warcraft trial. As most of you should all know, the new starter edition lets you play up to level 20 for free. This means that once you reach level 20 you wont gain anymore experience. You can still continue to play the game, but seems pointless if you can't get any stronger. You also can't create a party, I don't know if you can still be invited into one yet. The maximum amount of gold you can hold is 10. You can't create nor join guilds either. Voice chat is disabled as well. All these restrictions and the game is still fun to play.

         In just four days I've managed to level up my Draenei Arcane Mage to level 15. You can still create more  characters, but they all will stop leveling up once you reach level 20. If I had the money I would definitely pay to play this game. This game is addictive and fun. It's a hundred times better than "Solstice Reborn" that's for sure. You play mostly by yourself when you start of, I think once you reach level 20 you begin to run into more people. It's better that way in my opinion, last thing anyone wants is to power level without actually learning how to understand and play the game.

        Be warned, if you have a social life and intend on preserving it then you shouldn't play this game for it is very addictive especially when all of your quests begins to pile up. If you have no real social life however, then by all means play this game. The only problem I see is that it's expensive to play; the regular version alone is around $20 so imagine buying the 3 expansion packs which are around the same price. And let's not forget about the monthly subscription fee of at least $15. So if you have the money to burn then I highly recommend this game, it is the number one MMORPG for a reason after all. But if you're broke as hell like me then just keep playing stuck at level 20 or play another game that's free to play.

       4 out of 5 Rants due to it being a very fun game, but way to expensive to play. Hopefully in the future they will become free to play like "Lord of the Rings Online" and "DC Universe Online" did. But until then we can just weep and wish for something that might never happen.

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