Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Log Horizon

    As I was browsing through Crunchyroll I ran into this awesome anime known as "Log Horizon". If you like "Sword Art Online" then you'll definitely like this. Personally I like "SAO" better, but this is still a great anime worth watching. The basic plot of "LH" is...

  When the game known as "Elder Tale" released and updated to it's latest expansion, suddenly over 30,000 Japanese players and some world wide woke up within the game dressed as their in game characters. The plot is a bit similar to "SAO" where everyone is trapped in the game, except if you die in Elder Tale you don't die in real life; you simply respawn in the Cathedral. The game was originally a desktop MMO like the ones we play in real life. Which is why everyone freaked out as to why and how they ended up inside the game.

   The three main starting characters are an Enchanter, Guardian, and Assasin that are at level 90 which is the games current level cap. This game has a class system as you can see. The game world is an imitation of the real world but with the scale of it cut down in half. There are 4 base classes with each one having 3 different choices among them. Then you can pick a subclass which ranges from many different choices such as tracker and scribe.

   I highly recommend this anime, I can't wait for the next episode to come out!

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