Saturday, December 3, 2011

R.I.P. Bobby Singer

      Ladies, gentlemen, and fans of Supernatural in general... It is sad to report that the character known as "Bobby Singer" is dead. At the beginning of the episode, the leader of the leviathans, Dick Roman, shot wildly at Bobby, Sam, and Dean as they were driving to get away. One of the bullets hit Bobby in the head...

      The entire episode consists of Bobby going through a dream state where he's reliving all of his memories. He is well aware that he's slowly dying as a reaper is chasing him down through his memories. As Bobby attempts to escape his memories to deliver a final message to Sam and Dean, the reaper tells him that the reason everything in the dream is disappearing is because his brain is slowly dying from the bullet wound. He also claims that if he doesn't go with him then he'll be stuck there. Eventually, Bobby manages to wake up in the real world for a brief moment to give Sam and Dean his final message, a bunch of numbers that's related to the leviathans plan. Unfortunately, once he gives them the numbers he flat lines.

      I don't know why Bobby was killed of. He's been on the show since the first season. Who would've ever thought that he might actually die on the show. He was the only family Sam and Dean had left. I can only hope that he somehow comes back to life later in the series. Where's Castiel when you need him? Oh yea, dead. The show will return on January 6, 2012.


  1. What's bullshit? Him being killed of?

  2. bobby is dead! It sucks that he was killed by a mere bullet after fighting creatures all this time.

  3. Well to be fair it was a monster that shot him and therefore killed him. But yea, it sucks balls that Bobby was killed off. 

  4. I don't recall him actually being pronounced dead.. he was just flat lining right.. the reaper did give him a choice to stay or to go with him but he also gave him the same choice when Bobby was breathing on his own is hospital so i don't old much value to that. Bobby is just as important to Supernatural as Dean and Sam are. I'm guessing there is more in store for Bobby yet, i wouldn't declare he's dead just yet. 

  5. I was thinking the same, but the whole episode was about his death. It wouldn't surprise me if he decided to pursue other acting gigs. And the choice as to whether stay or go was to either move on to the next world or stay earthbound like the ghosts they usually hunt. I hope that they do bring him back someday soon thou. 

  6.  Bobby ain't dead.  If you recall, in one of the subsequent episodes, Sam's (or Dean's.  I forget) beer mysteriously disappeared out of the bottle.  He ain't dead.  Dead ain't dead on Supernatural...


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