Wednesday, December 7, 2011


     If you're looking for a way to boost your traffic to your site, you can go to Google and find tons of ways to increase your web traffic. One of the suggestions would be to write articles so that when people read them they'll find their way to you website. Hubpages is one of those suggested sites. If you're looking to gain traffic then writing posts on that site will give you a few hits. However, I wouldn't recommend you even bother with this website to begin with.

      When I first started my Hubpages account I simply just copy & pasted some of my blogs to see if it was true that I'd get more traffic. I was happy with the results at first. The problem with this site is that according to them almost everything is a fucking violation and they require you to revise it before you can re-publish your post again. I posted my "How To Make Your Very Own Webcomic" blog post onto Hubpages only to have it taken down because the image I uploaded has a watermark. Of course I'm going to put a watermark on my images, it's to protect them. It seemed to me that they wanted to steal my work otherwise they wouldn't have complained about my watermark. That's only one of the reasons why one of my posts was taken down. They'll look for what ever damn excuse they can find to make you have to revise it.

      As I recall, the internet is about freedom (partially anyways). The internet is the one place where not even the U.S. government can censor and tell you what to do (at least it was). Most sites don't give you such a fuss over violations unless it's something serious like copyright infringement, etc. Hubpages however seems to be run by complete control freaks. If your post isn't to their liking for whatever stupid reason they'll simply take it down and make you revise it. I hate being told what to do, especially when it comes to my own original work. This site gets 1 out of 5 rants due to its dictatorship. Don't waste your time on this site unless you want a couple of hits which by the end of the day isn't really worth it. :/

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  1. Thanks for your frank review. I was looking a for a decent blog to post stuff about my computer site. But I'm the sort of person who prefers basic rules and not the set of fuss. I think I'll avoid that trap now.


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