Friday, December 23, 2011

GoDaddy Supports SOPA... WTF!?

GoDaddy supports SOPA WTF!?

      So as most of you should all know by now that congress has decided to try to pass a new law known as the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Basically it means says goodbye to your first amendment rights and the whole internet as we all know it. Congress has decided to become extremely retarded even mentioning this bill. All your favorite websites including Facebook, Twitter, Google, and even Ranters Review will basically cease to exist due to their idiotic IP banning. You might as well move to another country. Only idiots would support this bill. Godaddy apparently is one of those morons.

      I'm not sure exactly why GoDaddy would support this bill seeing as it affects them greatly. After reading this article online, I simply laughed at their stupidity. They claimed to be "unimpressed" by the boycott that will soon be coming on December 29, 2011. HA! They fail to realize the seriousness of the boycott for it means that they will soon lose all of their business. They fail to see that there are other hosting services that are not only cheaper but better. So help with the boycott. Spread the word of GoDaddy's idiocy, if you're a GoDaddy customer then transfer your domain name and website to another hosting service, destroy GoDaddy. Soon they will lose all their customers and their business will be crippled.

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