Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why Do Cats Like Cardboard?

       I like many people have had this same question in our heads for a long time. Why is it that cats really like cardboard so much? Believe it or not, there are a few simple explanations.
       One of the main reasons they like cardboard is simply because the like to scratch it. The texture is apparently similar to wood and we all know how cats just love to scratch. Another reason is simply just to play.

       Cats like to play and explore with cardboard boxes, especially since they come in different shapes and sizes. Some cat owners even make houses out of cardboard just for them to play in.

       As we all know, cats love to hide. They love hiding, and cardboard provides them with a great hiding spot. Cats also like to plan ambushes, they hide and wait in the box and when another cat within the household or someones feet passes by they will suddenly pounces on their prey.

      They also seem to like the vertical space that cardboard boxes provide. Cats are territorial and consider the household their domain, even thou they don't pay a single bill. So being able to jump up and observe their territory is a plus to them.

      These are basically the main reasons why cats like cardboard. I believe they also like the warmth of it too, but that has yet to be determined.


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