Tuesday, April 19, 2011

R.I.P Elisabeth Sladen

      I am sad to announce that Elisabeth Sladen, the actress who played Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures has died today. She was 63 years old and died from cancer...

     Elisabeth Sladen was born on 1 February 1948 in Liverpool, England, UK. She played the character known as Sarah Jane Smith in the hits series Doctor Who and had her very own show which was a spin-off titled "The Sarah Jane Adventures".

     She started her role in 1973 and remained in the series for three and a half seasons with two of The Doctor's incarnations. She returned to the relaunch of the series in 2006 and returned yet again in 2008's season 4 finale.

     For those of you who are Doctor Who fans, whether of the original or the continuation, you all know why her death is heartbreaking. She was a great actress and my her soul rest in peace.  R.I.P Elisabeth Sladen a.k.a Sarah Jane Smith, you will be missed.

     For more information on Elisabeth Sladen.

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