Saturday, May 21, 2011

Supernatural: Season Six Finale

         It has come and passed, the Season Finale of Supernatural. And of course, like every other season finale, it was epic.

         Through out the whole season Crowley and Castiel had been working together in secret in order to find and open Purgatory. Castiel being in civil war up in heaven had become desperate to defeat the Arch Angel Raphael. And Eve, the mother of all, had been released from Purgatory and later killed by Dean utilizing Phoenix Ash.

         Me and other fans alike thought that the show was pretty much going to die this season. After all, what else is there to do after you seal Lucifer back in his cage in Hell and stop the Apocolypse? Obviously, we were wrong. The show is still standing and kicking. In fact, when Supernatural was moved to the Friday line up, it increased ratings.

        I still liked the previous season better, but this season was still great. You find out the origins and afterlife of the monsters that the Winchester's have been hunting. And that Purgatory had enough souls contained within to turn Castiel into a super angel.

       Castiel kills Balthazaar and basically tries to leave Crowley with nothing. In retaliation, Crowley makes a deal with Raphael. In exchange for protection, Raphael gets the souls from Purgatory. Castiel was left with no alternative but to hand over the virgin and purgatory native blood over which was required in order to open Purgatory. As Crowley and Raphael try to open the gate to Purgatory, they find that Castiel had decieved them in giving them dogs blood. By the time they realized it, Castiel had already completed his ritual and absorbed the millions upon millions of souls from Purgatory.

       Crowley was allowed to escape since Castiel stated he had plans for him. Raphael however... wasn't so lucky. Castiel simply snapped his fingers and exploded Raphael the same way Lucifer had done to him last season. Sam, who had recently recovered from the memories of Hell that came tumbling done when Castiel removed the wall sneaks up behind Castiel and stabs him. Unfortunately, the angel killing blade is no longer effective on Castiel.

      The souls powered him up to the point that he is now claiming himself to be the new god. The Purgatory souls are also affecting his head; he looks like he's high. The episode ends with him stating "I am the new God. A better one. You will all kneel and love me, or you will be destroyed."

      With that all being said and done, this season finale was epic. I can't wait to see what they have in store for season seven. And the question that now lingers: Will Castiel be their new enemy? Or will he release the Purgatory souls and be his old self again? And what other new adventures will Sam and Dean have to go through this time?


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