Saturday, May 14, 2011

Smallville Series Finale

Smallville Series Finale

    At long last, Smallville has finally ended. All I can say is, about damn time. The whole show should've been cancelled alot sooner. When Smallville first started, it was a pretty good show. I used to watch every episode. That was until they completly ruined it.

    First of all, Clark and Lana were never that serious. They ended up turning the whole show into a fucking soap opera; and I HATE soap operas. Lana was never supposed to marry Lex. Infact, Clark and Lana only dated for a little while in high school that's it. And Lana is Louise's sister, yet they made it that Louise is Chloe's cousin.

    The whole show just went downhill when they started introducing characters into the series that aren't supposed to even show up until after Clark becomes Superman. Yet tons of villains and superheroes just pop in out of the blue. They completely ruined the storyline in which I grew up with. Now the new generation wont know what really happened since they'll most likely follow Smallvilles version instead. I don't know how this show got so much ratings; must've been from people that don't know the first thing about Superman.

     Now onto the finale. As I stated already, this took way too long to finally happen. I don't know how this show got so much ratings; must've been from people that don't know the first thing about Superman. The first hour of the series finale was nothing but meaningless chatter leading up to Clark and Louise's wedding. Oliver (a.k.a. Green Arrow) who had been infected by the darkness had ruined the wedding and fought Clark. Regardless of the enhanced strength given to him, he was still no match for Clark. The first hour of this crappy finale ended with Oliver finally over coming the darkness and returning to normal.

    The second hour was almost just as boring. There were a few entertaining bits thou. Tess had been kidnapped by Lionel Luther (her father) so that he can transplant her heart onto Lex and revive him. That plan failed when she managed to escape and shot her father. Darkseid soon shows up and revives Lex by ripping Lionel's heart out in exchange for Lionel's soul. Green Arrow later on goes and kills the three minions that had manipulated him. The planet Apocolips was hurling toward Earth and America wanted to nuke it which would have caused millions of deaths.

    I was expecting an epic battle between Clark and Darkseid. I thought they'd end the show with a bang. But alas, I was highly dissappointed. Clark simply mastered flight and flew right thru Darkseid who was possessing Lionel's body at the time and ejected him from the vessal. Clark then returns to the Fortress of Solitude and finally puts on the Superman suit we were all waiting to see him wear. Clark now finally wearing the suit, flies and pushs Apocolips away from Earth with ease thus saving the planet from destruction.

    The show then flashes forward to seven years into the future at the year 2018. Lex Luthor is now President of U.S.A and Clark and Louise have still yet to be married. Clark shows Louise the wedding rings stating that he's been ready for seven years. Chloe finishes reading the comic book to her son which was basically the events that had passed throught out the finale. And thus, at long last, Smallville has finally ended.

    The finale was dissappointing in my opinion. The whole two hours basically had "this show was actually cancelled" written all over it. So good bye and good riddence to this once great turned horrible television series. R.I.P. Smallville. >:D


  1.      I agree, the finale sucked but I do like the show throughout the seasons. Even if the story isn't accurate at all. I could get mad about how show business takes care of story lines, but the thing is that show business and Hollywood is everything else but fully accurate. It's nothing but a business that needs money. They just don't respect comic books or game related stories and characters. They don't waste their time on research when money is involved. In vampire diaries and true blood they changed the story. The shows are "based" on the book. So smallville has to be "based" on the comic book. At the end of the day, business is business and they are getting their "green trees". 

  2.  I agree. All they care about is money, and then they wonder why the show lost ratings and got cancelled :/


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