Saturday, May 14, 2011

Verde Coal Oven Artisanal Pizza And Breads

      Verde Coal Oven is a pizzeria restaurant in Bushwick New York. Just like the name suggests, the pizza is made using a coal oven. Out of all the pizza I have tasted during my life, this has been the best pizza ever. The building in which the restaurant is built on has plenty of history as well.

       In 1907, as an addition to the foundation of the building, a coal fired oven was installed. Not too long after that was the building providing fresh daily bread to Italian immigrants who lived in the neighborhood. Within the recent years of the present time, Charlie Verde had bought the building and had it renevated. During renevation, he discovered the coal oven and kept it where it sat dormant. Now in 2011, the oven is working perfectly again and providing the best pizza in all of Brooklyn. If you pass by the restaurant during a rainy or just cold, wet days, you'll see the steam rise from the sidewalk. And on cold winter mornings, you'll see the snow melt as the oven bakes fresh bread and gourment pizza.

    So enough of the little history lesson. Like I mentioned above, this is the best pizza I have ever had in my life. The ingredients were all natural and fresh, the taste was just simply amazing, and the atmosphere of the restaurant was very relaxing. And last but not least, the counter girl who took our order was rather cute. :P

    They don't just make pizza. They also make pasta, sandwiches, cookies, and espresso. The only downside is that the pizza is rather small, around 10-12 inches. And for the price of one of those pizza you could get a large pie anywhere else. But trust me, the price is worth the taste; you get what you pay for. So far I've only been able to taste two of the pizza options on their menu since I literally had discovered this place even existed last night.

     So if you're ever around the Bushwich area of Brooklyn and decide to grab a bite to eat, then I highly recommend you try out Verde Coal Oven. The food is simply amazing and you wont regret spending your money on it.

     Almost forgot. Another downside is that they only accept cash; it even states that on their menu. So be sure to drop by an ATM and have some handy before you go to order.

     Overall, great pizza, great atmosphere, worth the money. So check it out! :D

                                     254 Irving Ave
                                     Between Greene Ave & Bleecker St.
                                     Brooklyn, NY 11237
                                     (718) 381-8800

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