Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Keyboard Shortcuts

        How many of us out in the world know how to utilized keyboard shortcuts? How many of us even know they exist to begin with? Well here's a simple guide to keyboard shortcut keys that can simplify your life on the computer a little.
ctrl (control) while pressed simultaneously with another key will perform a keyboard action on the computer.

ctrl + A = selects all the text and media within the page.

ctrl + C = copies selected item onto the clipboard.

ctrl + V = pastes selected item onto page.

ctrl + Z = undo's last action.

ctrl + Y = redo's last undone action.

ctrl + F = find search query on current page.

Backspace = go back to last viewed page (on web browser)

ctrl + shift + delete = brings up browser options and lets you delete web history.  This one comes in handy alot.

Well for those who didn't know about these simple shortcuts, I hope this info helped. :3

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