Saturday, May 7, 2011

PSN Still Down! WTF!?

(video provided by my good friend Pirate Munkee88 owner of Upstate Invasion.)

      As you can all see, Playstation Network is still down. They promised they'd be back online on tuesday.... that was two weeks ago. Then, they started getting repeatative claiming that they were going back online on tuesday yet again and again. They keep on mentioning how they're fixing the problem. The problem is, no body cares how your fixing it, just fucking fix it already!

      Xbox Live had been hacked back in 2007, but they resolved the issue within two weeks. I had heard they were recently hacked again this year, but the issue was resolved within hours. Alot of PSN fan boys keep boasting that PSN is free. True, it is free, but with XBL you get what you pay for. And in my opinion, if XBL were to suddenly be completely free, PSN would lose alot of it's community.

     Already I have heard responses from PSN gamers wishing to get an Xbox 360 gaming console. Basically, PSN is losing a big number of it's community already. Sure, you have to pay for gold membership on XBL, but they usually have good deals and sometimes let you play for free.

    At the moment, Call of Duty: Black Ops is hosting free gameplay on Xbox Live during their Double XP weekend event. So while XBL gamers are enjoying this event, PSN gamers are going to have to wait to be able to play and enjoy gaining double experience.

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