Saturday, May 14, 2011


        Technorati is a blog directory. Through out my internet searches on Google, Technorati was classified as the top blog directory. Basically, if you have a blog then this is the place to submitted to. However, I found all that information to be complete bullshit.

       I speak not just from experience but from other bloggers experience as well. Lets start with what I have heard first. Other bloggers have told me that they submitted their blog to Technorati and till this day has yet to get any traffic what so ever from them. It's as thou you have to be the worlds greatest blogger to even get noticed. Basically, it was a waste of time to begin with.

       Now, this is what happened with me and Ranters Review. I have submitted my blog not once but twice to Technorati. They take forever to review your claim token, and when they finally reviewed me the first time, they stated that they couldn't add my blog to their directory because it wasn't in english. What the fuck? Obviously Ranters Review is in english otherwise you wouldn't be able to read this right now. So then, I recently re-submitted my blog site to Technorati yet again. And just like last time it took forever to review me. Now here's the kicker. Ranters Review wasn't accepted because apparently it's not a blog site.

     Are you fucking serious? Not a blog site? Their moderators are obviously retarted. How is this website not a blog? This very post you are all reading for example is a blog post, the whole site is ran on Blogger a website specifically designed for blogging. So tell me, how the fuck did this dumb fucking moderator come to the conclusion that Ranters Review isn't a blog when there's nothing but blog posts everywhere? I didn't even bother linking to Technorati in this post like I normally do with my website reviews for I don't think their worthy of it. Don't bother submitting your blog to them for they're just a waste of time and ran by idiots.

    With that being said and done, Fuck Technorati!

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