Friday, May 27, 2011

Eden Of The East

       Eden of the East is about twelve people who have been chosen as Selecao. The Selecao have been specifically chosen by the mysterious Mr. Outside in order to accomplish one goal: To make Japan a better place.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Playstation Network Outage Costs $171 Million

    Playstation Network had been down for over three weeks. Not only were PSN users not able to play online and purchase from the PSN store, but all of this had left a pretty hefty toll on Sony.
      The recent Playstation Network Outage is estimated to have cost Sony over $171 Million. These are costs not just from PSN users not being able to purchase from PSN online store but from many other expenses as well.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

End Of The World?

       So according to a man named Harold Camping, the world is going to end on May 21, 2011. The Rapture is on saturday where judgement will be decided on who will go to heaven and/or who will be left behind to suffer chaos and torment till October 21, 2011 when the world will finally end. So the heavens will open and those who truly believe in God and Jesus Christ will be taken by the angels to the skies and saved. On Judgement Day, we will all witness this. All of this will happen on May 21, 2011... Wait... Wasn't that yesterday?

Ranters Shop Is Back Online!

         I am happy to announce that Ranters Review official webstore is now back online! :D
I had recently made the switch from Cafepress to Zazzle and so far I'm like the results. With Cafepress I was a bit limited to what I could do. Now that I'm with Zazzle, there's tons of stuff I can do! :D.

         Now I can design the front and back of the T-shirts. Customers can even customize them to their own liking. There's even more stuff that I can do but I'd rather show you than tell you by constantly updating the shop. The shop just looks alot better than the Cafepress version. So be sure to check out the brand new Ranters Shop! :D

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Supernatural: Season Six Finale

         It has come and passed, the Season Finale of Supernatural. And of course, like every other season finale, it was epic.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Ornery Boy

      Just like the banner above states, Orneryboy is a bout a bitter and angry guy who lives with his vegetarian terminally happy girlfriend and their pet zombie. Yes, you heard right, a pet zombie.

Ranters Shop Is Offline

     The Ranters Shop will be unavailable until further notice. The reason for this is that I will be using a new online store as host and will no longer be using Cafepress. I've recently discovered Zazzle and it seems to have more benefits than Cafepress. So until I set up the new shop you wont be able to make any more purchases. But rest assured, I will be bringing the shop back up a.s.a.p.! :D

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Networked Blogs

Networked Blogs

       Networked Blogs is a Facebook application built specifically for blogs. If you have a web log and a facebook fan page for it, then this is the app you want to use.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Smallville Series Finale

Smallville Series Finale

    At long last, Smallville has finally ended. All I can say is, about damn time. The whole show should've been cancelled alot sooner. When Smallville first started, it was a pretty good show. I used to watch every episode. That was until they completly ruined it.

Verde Coal Oven Artisanal Pizza And Breads

      Verde Coal Oven is a pizzeria restaurant in Bushwick New York. Just like the name suggests, the pizza is made using a coal oven. Out of all the pizza I have tasted during my life, this has been the best pizza ever. The building in which the restaurant is built on has plenty of history as well.


        Technorati is a blog directory. Through out my internet searches on Google, Technorati was classified as the top blog directory. Basically, if you have a blog then this is the place to submitted to. However, I found all that information to be complete bullshit.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me! :D

    Well my fellow worshippers uh I mean readers. Today is a great day for me. Today is the anniversary of my birth. That's right, it's my birthday! And if it wasn't for today, then Ranters Review, Video Game Returns, Nor The Weekend Muffin would have never been born either. So to celebrate, I only ask one thing. All I'm asking for is for all of you to share Ranters Review with all of your friends. It only takes a few seconds to post the sites link onto your Facebook or Twitter. So spread the word and help Ranters Review become more popular. Feel free to wish me happy birthday and give me praise in the comment section below! :D

   Thank you all for supporting me and Ranters Review on this great occasion! :D

Saturday, May 7, 2011

PSN Still Down! WTF!?

(video provided by my good friend Pirate Munkee88 owner of Upstate Invasion.)

      As you can all see, Playstation Network is still down. They promised they'd be back online on tuesday.... that was two weeks ago. Then, they started getting repeatative claiming that they were going back online on tuesday yet again and again. They keep on mentioning how they're fixing the problem. The problem is, no body cares how your fixing it, just fucking fix it already!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Calm Blue Oceans

Awkwardly Monogamous
       Calm Blue Oceans is a simple yet entertaining webcomic made by Jesse Cline. (I don't normally mention the authors of the webcomics I review which I should start doing for now on. That's a fail on my part ^^;.) It has no real storyline, no real characters except the author himself and his wife. It's just simple art and simple foundation, yet it works great. The comic is basically a journal in a way as in each comic strip is something the author wishes to express.

       As we all know, art is a symbol of expression. Sometimes we can't easily express ourselves as we wish to. So we create art and hope for praise.

      Well I give this webcomic big praise. It's simple, funny, and cute. So be sure to check it out! :D

       Calm Blue Oceans

How To Make Your Very Own Webcomic

    So we've all read webcomics at one point or another. And most of us artists have often wondered "How can I make a webcomic?" Well you're in luck, for I'm going to tell you all how I make my webcomic as an example to make your own.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Keyboard Shortcuts

        How many of us out in the world know how to utilized keyboard shortcuts? How many of us even know they exist to begin with? Well here's a simple guide to keyboard shortcut keys that can simplify your life on the computer a little.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Disqus: New Comment System

      I've recently installed a brand new comment system onto Ranters Review! :D. Now commenting is a bit easier and fun! And it's all thanks to Disqus a commenting system for websites and blogs such as mine. So don't be shy and go ahead and start a thread! :D

Ding Dong Bin Laden's DEAD!

        People have been talking so much shit about Obama when all he's been able to do was clean up Bush's mess. Tonight Obama has taken a big step in doing just that. I just finished watching The President's Speech and he has confirmed that he has accomplished what Bush couldn't. President Obama has killed Osama Bin Laden.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


         Buni is a depressing yet funny webcomic I ran across on Facebook. Cyanide & Happiness webcomic's Facebook Fan page and website had posted the link to Buni. C&H ended up sending over so much traffic that Buni's servers had crashed.

Doctor Who: Season Six, Silence Shall Fall!

Silence Shall Fall
        I have just finished watching the second episode of the new season of Doctor Who. This show just keeps getting better and better each season. The first two episodes so far were beyond crazy!
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