Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dragonball Z: Super Saiyan Diagram

Super Saiyan Diagram

      As I was looking around the Dragonball Wikia, I found out some interesting information about the Super Saiyan (aka Saiya-jin) Transformation. Apparently, there are other stages and forms as depicted in the diagram above. The ascended and ultra super saiyan forms are but extensions of the original transformation.

     The ascended super saiyan and ultra super saiyan were eventually discarded for all it did was increase the power output and had too many setbacks. The increased muscle mass made it so that you'd end up slower and the increased power output meant that more Ki consumption was required to maintain the form. In a way, these stages were kinda useless.

     The Full Power Super Saiyan was the form that Goku and Gohan achieved by basicly training to make their super saiyan forms their base forms. Basicly, Super Saiyan was second nature to them. Less Ki consumption and better control of their emotions made this stage far superior than the ascended and ultra stages.

     The Legendary Super Saiyan (as only seen in the Broly movies) was not just a title but a transformation of its own level. Broly's power continously increased as he maintained this form. Basicly, the longer he stayed in the transformed state, the more powerful he'd become. I guess you could say this was Broly's Kekkei Genkai (Blood-Limit, naruto term).

    For more info on the Super Saiyan Transformation just click on the diagram above. Enjoy

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