Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hell Girl

      Hell Girl

    I recently saw this anime called Hell Girl. Its about a website that only shows up after midnight. If you want revenge on someone you simply type that persons name in the text box. A few minutes later you'll recieve a text message from the site. Eventually the hell girl named Ai will show up to give you a straw doll with a red thread tied around ots neck. Once you pull that thread the hellgirl binds you into a contract, your grievence shall end, but at a price... There must always be a price...

    The hell girl will send the person whose name you've entered on the site to hell, but in return when you die your soul will belong to hell. You will never know the joys of heaven.

      I personnally think this anime series to be quite interesting. The people who end up in hell are usually people that deserve it. Its intriguing how the hell girl and her three henchmen mess with their victims head to get a confession out of them no matter how vague the confession may be. I recommend that you watch it.
 For more info click on image above.

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