Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch
     Sucker Punch is full of hot chicks, mecha, samurai, steam punk, sci fi, etc. It's basically a live action anime in a way. If you don't want any spoilers then I suggest you stop reading now, for I can only give it a detailed review if I mention all aspects of the movie.

      This saturday I went to see the movie with my girlfriend at the Green Acres cinema. Big mistake on theatre choice. First, the ticket stub collector was a rude bitch and then five minutes into the movie it cut off to a blank screen playing crappy music. We were happy that we only paid eight bucks for our tickets or we would've been more pissed. So if you live near Green Acres Valley Stream New York area then I highly suggest you avoid this theatre.
      Now to the real review. Sucker Punch was overall a decent movie. There was plenty of action, hot chicks kicking ass, and despite what most people are saying including IGN; a story. If you watch the movie and actually pay attention then you'd know immediatly what the movie is about.
     The movie starts off with the main character Babydoll. Her mother had died (I'm probably sure that the step father killed her but no real suggestions to that) and left her will to Babydoll and her little sister. The step father was pissed and tries to rape the little sister. Babydoll fires a gun at him only for the bullet to miss and ricochet and kill her sister instead. Babydoll is then admitted to a mental institute to undergo a medical procedure to keep her quite about the her sisters murder. Babydoll convinces the other four girls to join her on her mission towards freedom. Aside from all that, is there really need for more of a story?
      This movie is set during a series of different worlds within Babydoll's mind. The main world where the majority of the film takes place is a brothel where she is forced to dance in order to survive. As part of her escape plan she distracts the people running the brothel with her dancing as one of the girls goes to acquire the item. They never actually show Babydoll dancing, but as she dances she enters yet another mental realm where she and the other four girls go on a mission to acquire the required item.

      The movie was going great up until Rocket dies taking a knife hit for her older sister Sweet Pea. The cook is never given justice for what he did which was a big let down as well. Amber and Blondie end up getting shot in the back of the head by the man running the brothel after Blondie ends up snitching about the escape plan. The ending however was what really ruined the movie and had me and my girlfriend pissed for the rest of the day. Again spoiler alert, stop reading if you do not wish to know the ending before seeing the movie. 

      In the end, Babydoll did not achieve freedom. As she and Sweetpea finally reach the outside of the building to find a group of guys right outside talking. If they were to try to sneak past them they would have been caught so Babydoll decides to basicly sacrifice herself so that Sweetpea may escape. Her words were "This was never my story, it was yours." We were left with a big WTF on our faces after hearing that. The movie started with Babydoll, most of the plot and missions revolved around her, so how the fuck was it not her story!? This ending was bullshit. On the bright side, the asshole who ran the brothel (mental hospital in real world) was arrested which most likely would end up leading to the arrest of the step father.

     Sucker Punch was originally meant to be rated R but because they wanted a bigger audience they made it PG 13. This is not a movie for little kids to see. I recommend watching it, but I'd advise waiting until theres a Directors Cut Dvd/Blu Ray out in stores. This is the type of movie that you'll only want to see once thou, but I do recommend you go see it. After all, it was only the ending that sucked. The rest of the movie you might consider it to be quite awesome.


  1. There were many hints alluding to Babydoll not being the real center of the movie. As Sweetpea says when Babydoll first enter the asylum..." I'm the star of the show" A second watch was rather revealing, I thought. I found the dreamworlds interesting to dissect, by the by, as the first seemed to have different rules than the others. I think it's because the samurai world was more a fight against her self confidence ( hence babydoll being the only real character in the scene ), whereas the others were metaphors for the girls against the world, resulting in consequences translating beyond the dream. Any way. Yep, loved the movie. Dunno why it was panned by so many reviewers.....I don't think they really "got it".......although that scene with the giant dragon dying.....I halfway expected it to burst into coins.

  2. When she said she's the star of the show she was referring to the play. That wasn't a clue at all, who is really going to get that? O.o? I need to see the movie again without all the censorship they put.  


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