Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Made In Cima

     As always I'm looking around the internet thru the means of google and stumble upon. And as always I run into interesting websites in which I like to review, rant, and share to you. So today I'd like to share a website called Made In Cima.

    This site is has web design tutorials for html, css, and jquery. It also offers professional services to build you your own website. From the looks of the design of it, you'd get your moneys worth.

    What really caught my attention was the template and overall design of the website. On the left you'll imediatly notice a paint brush just hovering. But as you scroll down the page, the brush actually paints a line of red as your scrolling downwards.

     Another cool feature I liked was the option to change the background of the website between three colors (black, brown, and blue). I've never seen such things on a website before and it just goes to show you how much we all still have to learn.

    So check it out now:

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