Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Angry Faerie

Angry Faerie - Welcome to the forest
Welcome to the forest

        Angry Faerie is a hilarious webcomic with a plot. She is simply what her name states, Angry. She'll kick your ass for what ever reason and she REALLY hates Celine Dion. If you pay close attention to her headband you notice it's facial expression changes from time to time. The band is actually an emotional guard, meaning it surpresses her anger... Yes that's right, she can get angrier which can be quite scary.

      The setting is around a mythological world full of delightful creatures. A group of Zombie like creatures Draugr suddenly appeared threatening the peacefull forest. The Draugr proved to be too much to handle and actions were resorted to taking of Angry Faeries emotional guard. The events that happen next I'll let you all read yourselves.

      This webcomic updates three times a week. Every monday, wednesday, and friday a new funny and plot unveiling strip is released. So I suggest you start reading and catching up now before you're overwhelmed.

      Overall: Funny, Cute, Angry, lol. Check it out at or simply click on the image strip above to get started.


  1. Thanks for the review, and I'm glad you're enjoying the comic. :)

  2. Your welcome. :D I try to keep up to date with your webcomic  as much as possible :3


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