Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan In Chaos After Tsunami Hit

       Recently, an earthquake erupted near Japan. This earthquake was of 8.9 magnitude! I'm no earthquake expert but even I know that that's huge. If the earthquake wasn't bad enough one can only imagine how much worst things got when the earthquake caused a Tsunami.

       The Tsunami was massive, it wiped out alot of homes and structures. Over 1,000 people died! I can only hope that our favorite manga-ka weren't among them. Japan is a wonderful place to think that this could happened there is astonishing.

       Well there's hope, even as I type this Red Cross and many other rescue and relief organizations are in the process of doing everything they can to help out. So let us all pray (whether you believe in that or not) and hope that things will get better in Japan and soon.

        If you wish to help out then go to Red Cross and/or World Vison to donate anything you can. You can also google other organizations if you'd like. Here's wishing Japan to get better soon.

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