Thursday, May 19, 2011


Ornery Boy

      Just like the banner above states, Orneryboy is a bout a bitter and angry guy who lives with his vegetarian terminally happy girlfriend and their pet zombie. Yes, you heard right, a pet zombie.

      If that's not enough to get anyone hooked then I don't know what is. Oh wait, I do know. The simple fact that this webcomic is just awesome! The story is entertaining enough to keep you coming back, the characters are just funny in their own way, and each page is just as hilarious if not funnier than the last.

     I also love the site's design. All the links, banners, and even the navigation buttons, all blend into the comic. The site's design inspired me to do the same with my webcomic which is why you now see image buttons replacing the navigation links. But what really caught my attention about this webcomic is what made it especially unique from all the other webcomics. Orneryboy has flash integrated into it's comic pages.

     I've seen other webcomics use flash before, but not like this. Not all the pages have flash, but a good portion of them do. This makes the comic stand out more and seem more alive. Some of the flash is even interactive; like a tile slide puzzle that Orneryboy had to solve in order to get to the secret room in his house (which he inherited from his great-great uncle).

    As you flip through the pages of Orneryboy, you tend to notice that the main characters are based of the author, Michael Lalonde and his wife Jen. The author even admits from time to time that the characters are basically them. Some of the strips me and my girlfriend can actually relate too alot. Like when Dirtygirl flashes her chest in order to beat Orneryboy in a video game; that's something my girlfriend would do lol XD.

   I have read the entire archive of this webcomic, which is something I don't normally do unless it's really good. The author also offers free avatars and desktop wallpapers for his fans and visitors. Orneryboy started in 2002 and is still going. I can only hope that I can get that far too.

   So be sure to read the entire archive like I did. Trust me you'll love every page you read. Orneryboy!

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