Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ten Dollars for Water!?

      So I went to this place called Ricky's Cabaret with two of my best friends. Little did I know that it was a strip club until I got there. As soon as I walked in there were hot girls dancing topless. I ended up taking a quote from Castiel from Supernatural and said "This place makes me very happy."

      The place had a nice atmosphere and I normally don't like going out to places that normal people consider fun. However, it's not the club that I'm complaining nor ranting about. It's the water.

      We all ordered water with our meals and they gave us Voss which is aparently expensive because it's imported from Norway. The water cost us ten dollars each! That's right! Ten dollars for a bottle of water! Are you fucking kidding me!? Who the fuck in there right minds charges ten dollars for water!? It's just water! So fucking what if it's imported from some other country it is still just plain old water! I went home and drank the tap water from my sink and guess what!? It tasted just the fucking same! There is nothing special about Voss, why anyone would be willing to throw away ten bucks for a glass bottle of water is beyond me! Seriously!?

      So yea, Ricky's Cabaret: great place, Voss: just a bottle of fucking expensive ass water for no reason. It felt more like we paid for a water bottle with free water in it. So don't buy Voss unless you're an idiot who likes to throw money away on useless shit! There is nothing special about Voss. At the end of the day you're better of just drinking water from you kitchen sink.

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