Sunday, April 24, 2011

Man Forced To Register As Sex Offenders For Ejaculating In Woman's Water Bottle

     So as I'm scrolling down my facebook newsfeed I came across an interesting article that one of my friends posted. A man was arrested, sent to jail for six months, and forced to register as a sex offender. For what you ask? For cumming inside a womans water bottle.
     The man's name is Michael Kevin Lallana. He not only came in her water bottle, but had done it twice. Tiffany G. the victim had tasted the water and thought it was strange. After the second time a few months later she had the water tested to find that the mans spooge was in it.

      When asked as to why he did it he only replied stating that it was the closet he could get to someone as atractive as her without ruining his marriage nor hurting anyone. Some people just need to control themselves.

      This is the article my friend posted on facebook if you which to know more.

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