Sunday, December 4, 2011

YouTube's Brand New Look

     As many of you have noticed by now, YouTube has gotten a makeover. While most people were unhappy with the change, I personally like it. People get too accustomed to certain things and don't like change. When it comes to a website however, change is usually good. Of course I'm not even mentioning Myspace and Facebook for they're bad examples of what I'm trying to point out.

     Sometimes when a website has used the same look for a good while it can get rather boring looking at it. At these times it's a good idea to change the look of the site to better improve it's performance. I too have gotten used to the old look of YouTube, but I do like the new layout. It just takes a little getting used to that's all. Maybe if YouTube would let us customize our home page layout people would be more willing to accept the change. So what do you think of the new YouTube design?

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