Monday, December 19, 2011

Supernatural: The Leviathans

      As all Supernatural fans now know, the Leviathans are the new enemy in the show. They are the first beast that God had created, they're even older than souls. Since they were constantly consuming everything, God decided to create Purgatory and seal the Leviathans inside. This way God would be able to create more creatures without having to worry that the Leviathans would eat them. Due to Castiel's decision to absorb all of Purgatory's souls for power he ended up taking in the Leviathans as well. Now they are free and plotting something big which has yet to be revealed.

      These things eat human organs, but will most likely eat anything. They have the ability to not just posses people but shape shift into anyone they please by simply having a piece of their DNA. From one strand of hair alone they can literally learn everything you know and can change into you as they please. They also have the ability to regenerate. Even if their heads are cut off it can reattach itself, they don't even need to use their hands to pick it up it seems to just somehow crawl it's way back up onto it's neck.

      The Leviathans are nearly indestructible. All the methods to even hurt the things that the Winchesters usually hunt have no effect on them what so ever. They can't even be slowed down. It was by accident that they even discovered something that can actually hurt them. As it turns out, the chemical Borax can burn them. Borax is found in household cleaning supplies and seems to be the only thing that can hurt them at the moment. Even with this new found weakness they can't be easily killed for they'll simply regenerate from the burns. The only way to permanently incapacitate these things is to decapitate them and keep their heads away from their bodies as to prevent them from regenerating and getting back up.

      This is the first time on the show that the main enemy isn't a spirit of some sort. The Leviathans have interesting abilities and can withstand almost anything, even having a car dropped on them. I can't wait for the show to return to see what they have cooking up. Hopefully the Winchesters will find more of their weaknesses in time. What do you think about the new villains of the show?

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