Thursday, December 8, 2011

Two And A Half Men: Walden

         As you all know by now, Charlie Sheen has been replaced by Ashton Kutcher. Rose basically killed off Charile by pushing him in front of an on coming train and making it look like an accident. Walden was introduced into the show as a billionaire who tried to commit suicide by trying to drown in the ocean. He failed in his attempt because the water was too cold for him to handle. The first house he could reach was Charlie's which is how Allen and Walden meet. After they become friends Walden buys Charlie's house and lets Allen stay for a "couple of days". Basically, Allen isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

        After watching just a few episodes with the new character, I can honestly that I don't miss Charlie one bit. Walden is just simply a better character than Charlie ever was. He's more fun and funny. I often forget that Charlie was one of the main characters in the past. Many times when a big character is replaced in the show, the show usually fails. In this case however, I think the show got a lot better and is worth watching even more.
Charlie Sheen was simply and idiot and screwed up his own life. His loss, Ashton Kutcher's gain. Let's hope that Walden stays on the show and doesn't make the same mistakes Charlie did.

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