Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Contact Me

      I've just installed a new feature onto Ranters Review. Now you can all contact me directly all thanks to the "Contact Me" form. This feature is also installed onto the "Wibiya" toolbar I have below. So no matter where you are on my site you can simply click the "Contact Me" button on the toolbar and send me a message without  it interrupting what ever it is you're doing on the site.

      Contact Me is a website that's great for anyone who wants their visitors to get in touch with them directly. Set up is as easy as copy & paste. You simply just add your email which of course will remain hidden from public view unless you change that. Then you just copy & paste the code onto one of your pages on your website. It's really that simple, if you can't do this then you shouldn't even have a computer in the first place.

      I personally would rather you contacted me via FacebookGoogle+, or through my comment section on my blog posts. However, if you'd prefer to contact me more privately then you can with the "Contact Me" link on my tabs bar.

     Want to have your own "Contact Me" form on your site? Click here.

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