Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sword Art Online

     In the year 2022 video games have taken on a new form. There are now virtual reality massively multiplayer online roleplaying games (VRMMORPG). Sword Art Online is the newest game to come out and only 10,000 were sold. The game sold out on the very first day due to it's popularity. One the launch day of the game those ten thousand logged in... only to never be able to log out again....

     When players entered the game it was all good and fun until they all realized that the "log out" feature in the main menu went missing. At first everyone thought it was a glitch until everyone was forced teleported to the "Town of Beginnings" and the games creator "Kayaba Akihiko" makes an appearance and announces that there is no glitch. He created the game so that he could have a world of his own to control. Therefore, he removed any ability to log out of the game.

      If anyone in the real world tries to remove the "Nerve Gear" which is what has them logged into the game then it will emit a microwave straight to the user's brain therefore killing him/her. On top of that, there is no longer any revival features within the game. If a players HP reaches zero, there avatar will vanish and the "Nerve Gear" will emit the microwave. In other words, if you die in the game, you die in real life. The only way for anyone to get out of the game is for the world 100 floors to be beaten. One hundred bosses each one tougher than the last must be defeated therefore finishing the game. Until then, everyone is trapped within Sword Art Online.

     The main character is a player who's character goes by the name "Kirito". He was one of the one thousand beta testers before the games official launch. He starts off as a solo player trying to survive the game. He eventually joins other players and a couple of guilds. He also falls in love with another player named Asuna, the only player in the game to use her real name as her characters name.

    So far the series has 25 episodes which covers only two of the four games that the entire series features. SAO is just the beginning. This show is purely awesome! The fight scenes and graphics are amazing. The story progression is pretty good too. Kirito starts of as a solo player and eventually realizes he mustn't distance himself from other people. I actually want to watch the entire anime all over again. There's not many anime that makes me want to re watch it. If you haven't seen Sword Art Online then I suggest you do so now!

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