Monday, September 9, 2013

Halo 4

    I know this is very late and past due but I've been extremely busy. Especially now with a job that's been sucking the life out of me. Anyways, Halo 4 is the latest installment to the franchise. When I started to play the game I immediately noticed it's similarity to another franchise.

    Halo 4 was made by 343 Industries since Bungie broke away from Microsoft and decided it was done making Halo games. For 343 first game they did a pretty good job. Unlike Bungie, they focused more on the campaign than the multiplayer. The story was epic and gives you more insight on Master Chief's and Cortana's characters. Out of all the games I've never heard Master Chief talk as much.
    The story takes place 4 years after the ending of Halo 3. Cortana wakes Master Chief up when a rebel group of covenant starts invading what's left of "Forward Unto Dawn". Fighting the Elites and covenant does bring some nostalgia, but I'm honestly tired of fighting them. While fighting the covenant Cortana and Master Chief soon discover that they are being dragged into a Forerunner shield world by a gravity well. As the story progresses you encounter new enemies known as the Prometheans and their creator. I wont go into it too much for it'll give out spoilers for those who haven't played the game yet.

   Now for multiplayer. The game comes with a second disc which is "War Games" (previously known as matchmaking). You have to install this disc in order to play online. That's right, you have to install multiplayer. When I started playing it, it immediately felt like I was playing "Call of Duty". Don't get me wrong, it's still Halo, but they took so much from COD that in my opinion it fells redundant to play COD. The game scoring system is similar, the customizable loadouts, even perks. You even have ordinance in some game types which is basically killstreak rewards. What I don't like is that they're completely random, if you're gonna steal from COD you might as well let us pick out our ordinance.

    A lot of people don't seem to like the multiplayer. I don't love it but I still enjoy it. Halo 3 multiplayer was the best in the franchise in my opinion. Halo 4 has added a few new game types and weapons but at the same time has taken away a lot of stuff that Halo Reach had. If I were to list all the changes you would get bored and immediately leave my blog if you haven't already. So instead I'm going to continue and conclude.

    The campaign will mess with your feels. That's how good the story is this time. You learn more about the forerunner and humanities origin. Multiplayer is fun, not as good as Halo 3 but still pretty awesome in my opinion. Spartan Ops I have yet to finish since it's not easy to complete by yourself; you get attacked by hordes of enemies that have you use up all your ammo and the ammo on the map. Trust me, it's more enjoyable with a friend or two. The file share feature is confusing, I have no idea how to add anything to it. In Halo 3 it was simple, but for some reason they decided to make it complicated for no reason at all. Forge Island looks stupid especially when we had Forge world which was a lot bigger and better. 
     For those who haven't played the game yet I do recommend you buy it or at least try it out. I've been a Halo fan since high school and I will continue to be until they mess up worst than "Halo: ODST". Thank you for staying and reading my little rant. :D

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