Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Solstice Reborn

Solstice Reborn is a anime style mmorpg. I have been playing this game for years and have recently reached level 68... And now I am so sick of playing this game.

      While fun at first, after a while you tend to realize that this game is extremely repetitive. All you really do is grind and grind till you get so fucking sick of it. Even the quests get annoying, especially when they send you to areas with monsters 20 levels above you. Most games I've played you can solo pretty much almost everything. This game however practically forces you to be in a party.

       I get around .04% of experience per kill. That's almost nothing. If I were to solo it'll take months before I can level up. So the game leaves you with no choice but to power level. Players usually go to Amorica Forest and form parties to kill monsters that are 20-30 levels higher than them. Otherwise you'll never get ahead.

       I wouldn't mind the whole needing a party so much if it weren't for the fact that you practically need one almost all the time. I like to play solo most of the time. But the one thing that really irritates the hell out of me is that  out of over 3000 players in this game its so fucking difficult to get 7 people to join your party. Ok seriously, what the fuck!? No one should have to spend over an hour wasting yellow eggs to scream across the game just to get 7 players that you'd be lucky if they even show up at all.

       Another thing that pisses me off is that they made some of the quest nearly impossible to do unless, you guessed it, have a party. Once you reach level 66 you can undergo the class change quest... I'm at level 68 and still have yet to finish the quest. Why? Because no one ever wants to help you and the ones that do are never available when you need them. And you don't just need any party, but a party full of high level players that'll probably never bother to help you.

      And if you by some luck manage to gather up a party, it's completely useless unless you have a healer. No healer = dead party. It's hard enough to get just a few people to join your party, it's even harder to get a healer. Otherwise you'd have no choice but to pray for the best and spam your pots. I hate pot spamming, it's so annoying. And to top things of, the pots don't even heal you. That's right, all they do is speed up your recovery rate basically making them useless.

     I could keep going and ranting about this game, but I've decided it's not worth mine nor any one else's time. When ever you Google for the top mmorpg you'll never see this game on any of those lists. Instead you'll see Ragnorak Online which this game practically ripped off it. I wasted to much time and effort on this stupid game and now I'm sparring you all the trouble as well. This game just simply sucks and I am done with it. Don't even bother looking at it, you're better off with just about any other mmo that's out there.

    Oh and one more thing. If you complain to the GM's about something in the game; instead of doing the smart thing and listening to feedback on how to make the game better, they'll just either ignore you or ban you for voicing your opinion. Outspark doesn't seem to care about what you have to say, they just want to give you what they want and expect you to spend money on their crappy items in their crappy cash shop. I wouldn't be surprised if the game were to shut down soon.

My Rant Rating: 1 out of 10 Rants. (Yes that's really bad)

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