Friday, July 22, 2011

Chapter Two Finally Finished!

      Well there you have it. Video Game Returns has finally finished it's second chapter. And with this brings in a long hiatus as well. Now that the second chapter is finished I'm going to need a long break until I recover my artistic cartooning energy @.@. I'm also going to need time to work on the third chapter. As to when it'll come I haven't decided yet.
        Well lets briefly review what has happened in VGR: Chapter Two so far. It started of as Customer (yes that's his name lol) trying to go to Gameshop to return a video game. However, weird shit just kept getting in his way. First it was the Ninjas, then the Zombies, and then the Twinky muggers followed by Fruity Potato. His journey has been long and hilarious, but he has finally made it just in time to see the long line for "Got Owned By Girlfriend" in which this webcomic first started from.

        What can we expect from chapter three? Chapter three will be introducing a new character, Employee. I keep the character's name simple seeing as this webcomic was supposed to be simple to begin with. Employee is going to be the main character of chapter three and is the poor bastard working on the line "GOBG". It'll start of with him trying to get to work and running into some familiar faces seen in chapter two. When he reaches the line however, that's when the real fun begins lol. On that line is going to be just random people and you'll also see some characters from chapter two as well. So be sure to stay tuned, I'll be announcing it's release when it's ready! :D

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