Tuesday, November 20, 2012

High School of the Dead


      I had often heard that this was a good anime so I finally decided to check it out when I found it on Netflix. The series is 12 episodes each under half hour. The show takes place during a zombie apocalypse where the virus spreads in just one day. The story starts in a high school that had just become infected and overrun by zombies. Now the surviving students must use makeshift weapons and work together to fight and survive the zombies.

       I'm not sure if there's going to be anymore episodes. I'm hoping that there will be. This anime was awesome from beginning to end. Before you decide to watch it thou, the show is very provocative and is for mature audience only. You constantly see up girls skirts and close ups of their big boobs. There's ever a bath seen that's very explicit. Basically, the show is great! Lol. So if you feel like watching a zombie apocalypse with tons of boobs and zombie killing action then this is the anime for you.

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