Friday, November 9, 2012

Good Fortune Cafe

    Last night me and my roommate tried out this Chinese restaurant named "Good Fortune Cafe" We had General Tso's Chicken with House Special Fried Rice, Chicken Wings, and Fried Dumplins. They delivered our food and gave us free fried Crab Ragon (not sure if I spelled it right).
     The General Tso's Chicken with House Special Fried Rice was delicious. I'll admit that I've had better but this was pretty good food. My only complaint is that you can't order combination platters like I'm used to doing in New York. The Chicken Wings were okay, nothing to write home about. The Fried Crab Ragon was delicious. I never tried it before and didn't know what I was eating until after I had devoured the entire bag. The Fried Dumplins however were disgusting. I used to love Dumplins but now I feel like this restaurant had ruined them for me for good. They didn't just taste terrible they made my stomach want to regurgitate them as I tried to bite into it. No food ever does that to me.

    Aside from the Dumplins, the food was great. I'd definitely eat there again. I love General Tso's and they did a great job. I can't wait to eat the Crab Ragon again. Just remember, avoid the evil Dumplins!

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