Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Social Dating/Networking Mistakes

Social Dating/Networking Mistakes
      As I browse through the internet and social networks, I often see the same mistakes over and over again. These mistakes usually make other people on the internet avoid or ignore you. And if you point out these mistakes to them they get all moody and bitchy about it. So since you can't directly tell them of their mistakes, I'm going to rant about it here instead.

      Obviously Desperate: The first mistake one person usually makes is that they make themselves desperate. I often see guys in web cam chat rooms basically ordering a cute girl to get naked and do all kinds of things. The whole room would get flooded with these messages that the girl will either ignore them or leave the site all together and never come back. You can't just expect to get what you want when you act like a horny no-life douchbag.

Solution:  Don't be a douchbag. It's actually quite that simple. While everyone else is harassing her, try having a normal conversation with her. Out of all the idiots, she'll appreciate you for being the only guy there that's actually talking to her like a normal person ought to. Chances are, after having a normal conversation with her she might end up really liking you and giving you a private web cam show.

     This doesn't just apply to web cam sites nor to just guys. I've seen plenty of profiles from girls out there that just makes them seem desperate and that's just kinda sad. Looking desperate will only attract people you don't want.

     Long Ass Profile: Another mistake I often see is when someone posts a long as essay on their "about me" section of their profile. Not just the "about me" but in other sections as well. This is a HUGE mistake. When people go to look at you online profile, they don't want to read you whole life story. I constantly see people posting the everything about themselves on their profile down to what toothpaste they use. And some of them don't even bother making paragraphs and get upset if they don't read it before messaging them. People are just going to see how long it is and then leave your profile as fast as they can; believe me we've all done it. And if by chance someone does bother to read your entire profile, then what's the point of talking to you and getting to know you if now they know everything there is to know about you? It defeats the purpose of bothering to meet you.

Solution: Don't write long as essay's on your profile. Keep it very simple to what your favorite hobbies and stuff are. People will be approach you more if you have a decent profile that's easy to read. It really is that simple.

   Don't Read Profiles: Just like the mistake I have just mentioned above, people tend to completely ignore profiles all together. They just look at your profile picture and then decide to message you based on that alone. This often causes a lot of problems and awkwardness later on. I've had plenty of girls add me on various websites only to find out later that I have a girlfriend already. Then they would have the nerve to get mad at me for not telling them sooner. If they had bothered to actually look at my profile, then they would've immediately seen that I was "in a relationship" for it's the first thing on the damn thing. Not to mention that I have tons of pictures of me with my girlfriend which is another obvious no brainer.

Solution: Read the damn profile first! Duh! It'll only take a few seconds to skim through a profile (if it's not long as hell like I mentioned above) so take the time that'll save you the headache later.

    Friends That Don't Talk To You: Now this is a big one, probably bigger than the "long ass profile" one. I often get friend requests from many people from many different website. Yet if you try to talk to any of them they'll completely ignore you. When I was on myspace when it was actually good, I had tons of friends that didn't bother replying back to me. The funny thing is (and aparently  no one knew about this) that with myspace you can see whether someone has read your message or not, it'll even tell you if they deleted it or forwarded to someone. So what is the point of having you on my friends list if you're just there instead of talking to me or interacting with me for that matter. People like that are just a waste on your friends list.

Solution: Actually talk to people! If you're adding someone to your friends list then why aren't you talking to them!? That makes no sense what so ever! If you have people like that on your friends list, you might as well delete them since they're obviously worthless.

    Going On The Wrong Site: This one is just rather stupid and till this day I don't understand it. I've often seen girls go onto web cam sites and post that their there just to talk and not do anything naughty. That's all well and good, but here's the problem with this. If you don't want people to expect you to get nude and if the only thing you want to do is talk... Then don't fucking go to a fucking sex web cam site! There are plenty of web cam sites that aren't adult oriented that you can simply google search and go to. So when you go to a web cam site that has nothing but porn ads and women getting naked on their cams, don't be a dumb cunt and get upset when people get mad at you for being on the wrong site.

Solution: Don't go to a web cam porn site if you don't want to be surrounded by porn! Duh! And guess what!? Most of these sites will ban you for being there and not doing anything. After all, why would you be there in the first place if your just going to have a normal conversation. Wrong site for that. And this goes to guys as well. I've seen plenty of guys trying to get laid on sites that specifically say that it's not for that.

     Trying To Talk To Girls Who Aren't Into You: This one is another one that's just plain retarded. When surfing through profiles, you'll often see women who post "Not interested in men. Will ignore if you message me" and etc. These girls are usually either lesbian or in a relationship, therefore they don't want to be bothered. It's pretty obvious too. The message is usually right next to their name so you can't miss it. Yet, there's still idiots out there that still try to talk to them when it's obvious that they wont get a response. They either didn't bother to read the message or they think they're hot shit. Listen guys, if a girl posts she doesn't want to talk to men then she ain't going to talk to you plain and simple.

Solution: You're not hot shit, you're not God's gift to women, and you sure as hell don't have a chance in the world to get her to talk to you. So simply put, stop being a conceded little douch bag and move onto the next profile.

       These are the most big and common mistakes that are floating on the internet. I'm sure there are plenty more, but I can't think of all of them right now. So if you wish to add to the list then feel free to do so in the comment section below.

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