Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Neko The Kitty

Neko The Kitty

       Neko The Kitty is a webcomic made by Gearoid Molloy. It revolves mainly around a cat named Neko who's very cheerful about how he hates everything. This webcomic is very cute and funny. It's also one of the few in which I read throught the entire archive. It took me a whole week, but it was worth it.

      Neko The Kitty has a wide cast of characters. One of my favorites aside from the cats of course is Mcjefferstein. Jeff went on a sugar rush and became a super villain creating havoc everywhere around. His little pranks even catch him as he sometimes forgets his own traps in which he had laid out. Soon after, almost everyone else is joining in on the fun by dressing up as either a super hero or a super villain.

     Many adventures follow Neko and the rest of the adorable cats within the household. I'm not going to tell you what they are for that would defeat the purpose of reading the webcomic yourself. I suggest you read the entire archive asap for it updates every monday, wednesday, and friday. So the sooner you catch up the better.

     Another aspect I really like about this webcomic is Bummy. In the recent strips, if you carefully look within the background you'll spot Bummy either blending in to the background or standing right out with his own little adventures. This little game of "Spot the Bummy" is quite unique. I haven't ran into any other webcomic that does something like this.

     From looking within the comments section you can see that it's little community is quite active. Why wouldn't it be? After all this is simply an awesome webcomic.

    What also stands out about Neko The Kitty is the website's design. As you navigate through out the strips you'll notice that at the end of each strip it has it's own navigation buttons for "next" and "previous". These buttons don't stand out unless you hover over the strip in which the buttons will appear. Another cool feature on the site is the ability to "save my place". Instead of having to remember the number of the strip you were up to, you can simply click the "save my place" button and it'll bookmark the last strip you read. When you wish to go back to where you were, you simply click on the "continue where I left off" button and it'll redirect you back to the last strip you bookmarked. The buttons are located right under each strip and appear only when the image is hovered over just like the navigation buttons on it's side.

     Overall, this is a great webcomic and I highly recommend it. It also has a web store so you should also check that out and buy some of the cool and cute products available on there.

     So what are you waiting for!? Read Neko The Kitty now! :D

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