Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Link Within

Link Within    Link Within is a very useful website. Actually, it's more of a widget for bloggers.
     This handy widget is a must have for all bloggers. Ranters Review uses it as well in case no one noticed. What this widget does is quite simple.

      When one works on a blog site (or Rant site as I like to call it :P), one tends to accumulate a lot of blog posts. Over time, one can have many posts that are just lost within the archive. Many site visitors wont even bother going past the first page, me being one of them. So what does one do with all of your hard work just gathering cyber dust? Well with Link Within, your previous unread posts can have the chance of being looked at.

      After each blog post, Link Within will post a few of your older posts related to the article. For example, if you were posting a blog about webcomics, then right below your post you'll see some of your previous posts about webcomics as well. If the posts have images it'll show image thumbnails that'll link to the blog post. If the blogs don't have images within them then it'll show up as a link list.

     Installing this widget is very simple, just follow the on screen instructions. After installing, you'll notice a slight increase in your site traffic. Now that your blog site is basically promoting your previous posts, visitors will see more of your posts. Since the Link Within widget displays your related posts your old blog posts aren't wasted. Now that visitors can see your older posts on the home page they will be more inclined to check them out.

      So if you're a blogger, then I highly recommend you add this widget. It'll make your site look nicer and bring in a little extra traffic from your site itself. So check out Link Within.


  1. Great post! I have been meaning to add one of these to my blog.

  2. You should. It's really useful. It'll keep your visitors glued to your site more and the best part is, it's so easy to install! :D

  3. Hey TA!! I recently installed this widget and love it! I had seen it on several sites and thought it was a great idea. Great post passing it along.  :)

  4. Thanks. Also be sure to check out networked blogs, I wrote a post about it. Another must have for bloggers :3


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