Friday, June 24, 2011

Killzone Liberation

    Killzone Liberation is a new psp game I got for free due to the recent PSN cyber attack. It was part of the "Welcome Back Package". The package came with four games, only two where to be picked for free. I originally wanted Little Big Planet, but my psp only has 1 gigabyte of memory while the game required 1.30gb. Killzone was the only game that would've fit in my memory card which is why I chose it. Now, I regret ever even looking at the game.

       This game is just simply horrible. When I first got it, I thought it'd be nice to have a FPS (First Person Shooter) for my psp. The game isn't even in first person view. I wish I had bothered to do research on the game before downloading it. Now I'm deeply regretting it.

        I had put the game on easy difficulty level because I just wanted to play through it quickly and beat it. Since the game is set to easy, why the fuck is this shit so fucking hard!? When I pick easy it means easy! Not hard as hell. The game would've been more enjoyable if it actually gave me a chance to actually enjoy it instead of it killing me instantly every five seconds.

        As for the story, don't really care for it. This game was meant for Killzone fan boys and takes place after Killzone 1 and before Killzone 2. The PS3 versions of Killzone look a lot better than the psp version and actually looks like fun. As for this piece of shit, don't bother with it unless your a hardcore fan.

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