Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wibiya's New Toolbar Design

   As you may have noticed, Wibiya redesigned their toolbar. As you can see it looks completely different, not just for you but for every visitor. Depending on where you arrive to my site from the toolbar will be different. For example, if you come to my site from Facebook then the toolbar will show your friends and the Facebook like button. The same if someone were to visit from Google+ then you'd see the G+ button instead. The only real way to fully explain how the new toolbar works is to try it for yourselves. If you enter my site from different locations you will see what I am trying to explain.

    In my opinion, the new design looks pretty good. The first time I updated it I was confused thou. I didn't know how to edit it nor how it worked but now I understand it better. So if you have a blog/website then I recommend you upgrade and be patient with the options.

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