Sunday, October 28, 2012

MapleStory Adventures


     MapleStory Adventures is the Facebook version of the hit mmorpg. Since it's a Facebook game it's not as fun as the original. I play it since at the moment I can't download and play the regular version. The game is entertaining but it's too automatic. You simply just press the hunt button and your character will keep attacking automatically instead of you doing the work. Another flaw is that it follows the game mechanics of all Facebook games. It requires energy for almost every action and you have to wait for hours if not days for items to be crafted. The plus side is that you can't die in this version. Whenever you're hit by a monster you lose 1 energy instead of having a life bar.

      If you're constantly on Facebook then I recommend you play this game. However, if you can download and play the regular version then it'd be preferable since there's more features on that version than on this one.

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