Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Doctor Who: Goodbye Amy And Rory

        Fellow Whovians, it is sad to declare that Amelia Pond and Rory Williams are now gone.  Most of you know that "Angel Take Manhattan" was their final appearance on the show. When I saw this episode I almost cried at the end. Amy and her husband Rory have been on the show since season 5, so it was about time for them to leave the show. They will be greatly missed however.

       Compared to the rest of The Doctor's companions, Amy and Rory's ending wasn't that bad. Rose got stuck in an alternate universe, came back, and only for The Doctor to leave her back their with his clone. Donna had to have her memories erased or she'd die. Martha seemed to have had the best ending where she got to at least stay in her universe and didn't have anything bad happen to her. But that's just my opinion.

     There were a few plot holes in this episode however. First of all, the weeping angels were able to move even thou they were looking at each. Secondly, the Statue of Liberty, I honestly think it was awesome that it was a weeping angel, but how was it able to move when it's constantly being looked at? Another note, why weren't there more statues of liberty since "the image of an angel becomes an angel"?  And thirdly, the final angel that got Amy and Rory, I can understand it getting Rory but how did it get Amy while the Doctor and River were looking at it?

     All in all, I liked this episode. It was a nice send off for Amy and Rory. They'll be missed.

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