Thursday, October 25, 2012

Megamind - Official Trailer 2011 [HD]


     I recently saw this movie on t.v. and I gotta say that this movie was awesome! This movie had already came out in theaters but for those that have yet to see it then I highly suggest you do.

    This movie is about a super villain named Megamind who constantly fights and loses to the superhero Metroman. However, in their final confrontation Megamind finally defeats Metroman and takes over the city. Megamind had gotten so used to his epic battles with his counterpart that he began to miss him and out of boredom replicates his powers from his DNA. The powers accidentally end up within a camera man who instead of becoming a superhero as Megamind intended ends up becoming a villain instead. Now Megamind is left with the impossible task of recusing the city he long sought to conquer from his own creation who has all the powers and abilities that Metroman once had.

    This movie was great. Minion was hilarious as he was adorable. It shows that everyone has a good side and the potential to do good if they really try. For those that have yet to see this movie it is highly recommended. :D

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