Thursday, October 18, 2012


     I just recently opened up my very own Tout account. So far it seems interesting. It's basically twitter but with video instead of text. What I don't like about it is that you can only record 15 seconds in each video. There's not a lot someone can say in 15 seconds, well I can't anyways. I'm gonna have to sit down with a script one of these days just to get a decent tout out. Then again that would be pointless since it's not a serious video site. Like I said, it's like twitter, but I sure as hell like it a lot better than twitter.

     As an official Ranters Review video site, I wouldn't use it much. I'd rather focus on youtube for more serious rants and reviews. That doesn't mean that I wont post my tout widget on here once I get it ready. 

     Now as for function-ability, it's pretty straight forward. The site is simple to navigate and use. It takes seconds to adjust and learn how to record and post touts. What I found very interesting about this site is it's comment system. Normally on a website you just simply type a text comment. However, on tout you record and post videos as comments instead of typing.

    If you don't have a tout I recommend it. It's mainly a site for fun in my opinion. If you wish to follow me on tout then just look up my name: Regino Rivera. So hurry up and stalk me! :P

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