Monday, December 13, 2010

Video Game Returns: No Ink

       Well my fellow followers of Video Game Returns, it pains me to say but for the time being I will not be releasing any more comics. I have ran out of ink in which to ink my drawings with. Art supplies are pretty pricey especially the good ones. For a good while I was just using regular office supplies. Unfortunatly, I'm to broke to even buy a black pen from Duane Reade or Rite Aid.

       But there is hope. I have recently ordered online a manga inking set. It's from a brand named Pigma and from what I've heard they're the best when it comes to inking manga and used by professionals. I ordered them from an art supply site named So within ten buisness days I should have my brand new manga inking set and hopefully the quality of VGR will look even better.

       So until then I won't be releasing any new pages. Supplies can be very pricey especially when you're unemployed. Thank you all for keeping up with VGR so far and I hope to continue the series soon.

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