Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mcdonalds out of food.

      So last night my sister's boyfriend came home and told us this interesting story. He had just came from Mcdonalds to tell us that they were literally out of food. How is this even possible? How does a Mcdonalds just run out of food?

       It could be that they had alot of customers coming in and ended up selling everything. That I highly doubt since theres a Burger King right up the block lol. Let's face it, Burger King is better. It even says it in their name that they're the king of burgers and it's kinda hard to argue with that.

       My guess is that who ever is in charge of ordering everything for the restaurant either forgot or got lazy and didn't do his job. Or it could be that the person ordered late and it takes a good while for delivery. But my guess is the first one.

       My sister's boyfriend told us how it took four guys to make his order of two wraps. They were looking everywhere for what little supplies they had left. I found all of this to be hilarious. Especially the part where they had to yell at customers trying to get inside "were out of food! No food!" lol.

         I bet if he went to Burger King instead he wouldn't have had to deal with this lol.

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