Monday, December 20, 2010

New Website! :D

      Well ladies and gentlemen, today I bring you great news. I have recently launched a brand new website just for Video Game Returns! .

      I have recently joined a webcomic host known as Comic Fury. This host is built specificly for webcomics. Their forum community is great, a lot of nice people, except for one douchbag with no talent at all. The only complaint I have is that I have to edit the site thru pure html. And let me tell you, html can be a bitch @.@. And I didn't like their blogging system so I made a link on the site to redirect you back here but to the Video Game Returns categorie. So all news and updates pertaining to VGR will be written there for now on.

     So what does a new website mean? It means that VGR has a nicer looking home. Does this mean that VGR will no longer be on Ranters Review? Video Game Returns will always be on Ranters Review. Infact, fans and members of Ranters Review will usually get to read the latest comics first. Ranters Review is the birthplace of VGR after all. So without further ado....... Behold!

Video Game Returns™ - Video Game Returns

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