Monday, December 6, 2010

False Facebook Rumors

      I had just read a very knowledgable article on about recent rumors being spread all over facebook over the cartoon profile pic epidemic. All rumors pertaining to this event have aparently been confirmed false; especially the one about pedophile who started the trend to get kids to accept friend requests faster.

      Originally, word had been spread that it was to stop child abuse. This rumor turns out to also be false. The whole cartoon pic trend actually started in November and it escalated to this. The origin of the whole epidemic is still unknown.

       So basicaly, what this means is that there were no pedophiles behind all this and no anti-child abuse organization either; they just took advantage of the trend. So rest assured that all the profile pics really did was bring back nostalgic memories of peoples child hood.

                   For better insight about these rumors check out my source.

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