Monday, November 22, 2010


      So as I was going around thru google, I found an interesting site in which I found very helpful. I was originally looking up css positioning and it lead me to this website,

       This website is dedicated to teaching web designers such as myself all the programing languages there is to know to make a website. There tutorials are simple to understand and even comes with a built in editor so you can see how the examples work and experiment with them.

       They even have quizzes in which you can take to test your skills. They also offer certificate exams for all the languages there is to know. I have yet to take any exams for the certificates cost almost $100 each. So I am unsure if they are legit. The rest of the site is very informative so I'm pretty sure it is but I have no verification as of yet.

        They even have a forum community for all who visit the site. All full of web designers alike of all levels. So if you're a web designer I highly recommend this website. It is very helpful and useful.


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