Saturday, November 27, 2010

Stumble Upon

      As usual, I was surfing the internet when I stumbled upon a website called This is yet another great website otherwise I probably wouldn't bother mentioning it or worse, I'd be ranting on how horrible it is. But that is not the case.

      This site is similar to a search engine. It's really called a discovery engine actually. You sign up and select all of your personal interests. Then when you're done you click on stumble upon and it'll send you to a random site based on your submitted interests.

       They have a unique toolbar integrated with the open tab. Every random site you can add to your favorites by clicking like. Then you can share it with your friends with facebook and twiiter and even email (which no one really checks anyways these days). After you're done with the particular webpage you can click the stumble upon button within the toolbar so that it may take you to another random site. Or if you're done browsing just click on the home icon and it'll take you back to their website.

        Overall, this is a very interesting and original site. I will be using it very often from now on and I hope you will too.

                                                           Stumble Upon

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