Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Board of Education

      So ever since I was in high school I was told that the Board of Ed was run by lawyers and business people. So basically our education was and still is in charge in the hands of people that don’t know the first thing about public education. I always wondered why our education was messed up and this is why.

      What can a group of lawyers and business people do to improve our children’s education? Step down and have real people take over that’s what they can do. It was this same Board of Ed that for some reason thought that putting all the desks in groups was going to increase students’ grades. They were slightly right about that, but the only reason for this was because the other students would leech of the smart one within the group. So basically it was a failure in getting students to learn anything but to leech of the one that’s actually working hard for his/her grade.

      What we need are people whom have actually worked in the education department. We need people like teachers and principles who know how to interact with students and parents alike. People who actually know what is needed to get this education system working better. So please take out those idiots who are ruining… oops, running the Board of Ed.

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