Thursday, April 25, 2013


    I have recently started playing the mmorpg known as Aion. The graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is fun as well. At level 10 you get wings with which to fly. Just like any other 3D mmo it has it's own characters, story, classes, skills, species. However if you've played World of Warcraft then all this will be very familiar to you.

    I got a lot of losers on tumblr getting pissed over a game just because  I said it was another WOW copy cat. If you can't see it then I got news for you, you're blind. When I was playing Aion, my friends at first glanced thought I was playing WOW and I had to correct them. That's how much the game looks like WOW.

    The user interface is almost the same, the combat system is definitely the same as WOW, the only real huge difference I saw in this game was the ability to sprout wings and fly. So for the cry babies out there just shut up and accept it, Aion is basically another WOW. Just like most first person shooters now a days copy of Call of Duty.

    Now I never said I disliked the game. I don't understand why people get so offended over something as silly as a game. Guess that's what happens when you don't have a life. If you're looking for a free mmo similar to WOW then I recommend Aion. You could also play Runes of Magic which not a single person dares to say it isn't a WOW copy cat. But right now we're focusing on Aion.

   You can pick between two factions, if you make a character on one faction you can't make one for the other. There's tons of customization options for your character and you get wings to fly with at level 10. I haven't gotten much farther than that at the moment but from what I can tell it's a good alternative to paying a monthly fee for an mmo.

   If you haven't played Aion yet then go now and download it. Worth the time and money (oh wait it's free). Great graphics, gameplay practically the same as WOW, and wings for flight. What more do you really need?

                                                            Play Now!

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